Section 1 About

1.1 Project goals

Open Trade Statistics is an independent project that values reproducible research and provides tidy trade data. We are heavily inspired by R community values and Open Licenses views on freedom.

We focus on commodities data and our added value, unlike many other good trade data projects, is that we focus on data processing and reproducibility instead of data visualization.

Our goal is to ease data analysis and promote a reproducibility culture.

We advocate for openness and collaboration, so our contribution is focused on:

  • Releasing all of our source code on GitHub
  • Releasing snapshots of the software we use
  • Sharing curated data (direct download and API)

1.2 Data availability

We used different trade classifications according to the data availability.

Classification Availability
HS rev 1992 1992 – 2017
HS rev 1996 1996 – 2017
HS rev 2002 2002 – 2017
HS rev 2007 2007 – 2017
SITC rev 1 1962 – 2017
SITC rev 2 1976 – 2017

These datasets were used all together in order to create a unified data series for the period 1962-2017 with all products classified under HS rev 2007.

1.3 Sources

All of the product data shown on the OTS site is classified using either SITC (Standard International Trade Classification) or HS (Harmonized System), the raw data was obtained from UN COMTRADE and its under their authorization that we share claned versions of the original raw datasets.

1.4 Code

We made all the scripts available on GitHub. Pull requests and new ideas are always welcome!

1.5 Contact

1.6 Open Source Sponsorships

This project is hosted on DigitalOcean. Under their Open Source Sponsorships they are subsidizing 25% of the yearly server costs. Thanks DigitalOcean!

If you register with this link, you’ll get free credits to try DigitalOcean and we also get credits for the project:

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